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Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 9!

Baby C (Single baby)


The week started off rough. On Tuesday I woke up at midnight with excruciating back pain. After 4 hours of pain and knowing it was a sign of a possible miscarriage I made Scott take me to Tarzana ER. They ordered an ultrasound which showed all the babies were fine, but my ovaries are still huge from the fertility treatments and he was pressing so hard that I became sick from the pain I was in. They gave me an IV, a small dose of morphine, and anti-nausea medicine. My doctor was concerned with the pain I was in so they admitted me for observation. I began feeling better and was discharged at 9 pm. I owe Scott big time for putting up with me. :) I took the next two days off of work and just rested.

I am feeling much better today and we went back to the doctor for our 9 week appointment. It was a great appointment. All 3 babies have strong heartbeats of over 160 and they are all growing perfectly! We even saw them moving around which was an amazing thing to see. He normally doesn't see patients in week 10, but I talked my way into an appointment because I worry so much. Then he graduates us at week 11. We plan on telling everyone the last week of February so thank you for keeping this a secret for now. I have an updated bump picture and baby pictures so enjoy!

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