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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Over a year later we finally hear 3 beating hearts

Single Baby

So here's the beginning of our journey...

Scott and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which basically means I make a lot of eggs, but none of them could get big enough on their own to be released. We resorted to basic fertility drugs that you take orally, but after 4 failed rounds of that we moved on to a fertility specialist.

Right away we felt extremely comfortable with this group of three doctors. We began by doing injections only, but the first round didn't work. We had to wait a month because I developed large cysts. So towards the end of November we began injections again (3 a night!) and we planned to do IUI (insemination). I know you are all shocked that I have been able to do injections nightly and having blood drawn every few days. Trust me I surprised myself and never passed out, thank you very much! However, I didn't respond well to the lowest dose and when they upped it the slightest degree I produced way too many eggs. They said we could either cancel the cycle or convert to invitro (IVF). We chose the later. They retrieved 13 eggs and fertilized 10 and we transferred two grade A embryos (yes they really give them grades) on December 16 and hoped for the best.

On December 23 (2 days before my pregnancy blood test) I was experiencing abdominal pain and my stomach was swelling up. I had a reaction from all of the fertility meds. They said it would be uncomfortable for a few weeks (which it was), but it would heal itself eventually. Luckily it was winter break so all I did was lounge on the couch. While I was at the doctor's office that day, I was joking with them wishing I could find out that day if I was pregnant and they decided to go for it. At 4 o'clock that evening I got the phone call from the doctor and I said "good news or bad" and he said "good news... you're totally pregnant!" I was in shock and so excited. We went back on the 26th for another blood test and my levels went up just as expected which was great. We would go back in two weeks for our first ultrasound.

On January 8th I was exactly 6 weeks pregnant and nervous for the ultrasound. He found one little heart beating and we were so excited. Scott and I both said "is that it?" He said no it looks like we have another one over here and another heart beating! We were both excited that we were having twins. This is what Scott has wanted even before the fertility meds. Thinking it was over the doctor continues... "well this is unique". It turns out one of the embryos split so there are identical twins also. There is a 1% chance of this occurring. We did not hear a heartbeat on that one, but we knew it was still early. In shock and thrilled we made our appointment for the following week.

On January 15th we went back and sure enough we heard all 3 heartbeats! We are so excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. We will go back next week to track the progress. I know triplets can have complications, but we will be under good care from many different doctors. So far I have been feeling pretty good, a little nauseous and very tired, but I'm doing well.

I would love to use this blog to update everyone so that you can all join us on this crazy journey.

Thank you for all of your support!


  1. wow, I think it should be bob, bob and bob to keep the names straight. And the logo dot at the top is so cool to the 3 adg dots just for uncle me :)
    I'm so happy.

  2. I can see the baby bump and I'm excited to be continuing my grandma status -

  3. I am SO excited to be auntie auntie auntie:):):)

  4. I'm so excited to be a grandma! Your bump is cute, I guess we will be going shopping for maternity clothes before long. XOXOXO