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Friday, February 5, 2010

Double Digits

10 week bump! (lucky wanted to be in the picture)
Identical Baby B

Identical Baby A with a long umbilical cord

Single Baby... getting bigger!

Well we have officially made it to week 10 and we are going strong! I had a cold all week, but I was able to look forward to my 2 different doctor appointments this week. My first appointment was with my new OBGYN, Dr. Silberstein, who is out of Tarzana. Debi will be excited to hear that she is orthodox! She has delivered 3 sets of triplets before and they were all perfect. She was really nice and her office is right down the hall from my fertility doctors who we love. She gave me three names of perinatologists (sp?) who are the high risk doctors I will be seeing additionally throughout my pregnancy.

Today we went for another ultrasound and all the babies are measuring perfectly with strong heartbeats. Dr. Kalan says they look great! We were so excited watching them move around and wiggle today. It's really amazing to see. Next week we graduate from the fertility doctors and start with the OBGYN and the perinatologist.

I'm feeling pretty good, just no real appetite. Scott is hoping that changes soon so that we can start going out to dinner again! The "bump" is growing and I am loving every minute of it! We'll see if I'm saying that in 5 months when I'm huge!!!


  1. omg your tummy!!! no more 6 pack :) so exciting!

  2. I am happy to hear she's orthodox ;-) I didn't realize I had missed a few entries, I have to catch up!