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Monday, March 1, 2010

And the sexes are...

Finally all 3 in one picture! The identicals are at the bottom.
Single Baby


13 week bump

Well today was the big day to find out if there was anything wrong with the babies and there was a chance we could find out the sexes. We are thrilled to announce all the babies look great. It is amazing what they can see with this ultrasound machine. They were able to measure the chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the spine, etc. The noses and back of the neck look great which are the two things they check as signs of down syndrome. Also their lips and mouth look great as do all of their arms, legs, fingers, and toes! As you can see we got amazing ultrasound pictures in 3D.
The high risk specialist, Dr. Mansano, was great as was the ultrasound technician. They were both very reassuring and I already love the doctor since he said I can email and call with any questions I have. Additionally he wants to see me every 2 weeks... I said I would be here every week if you wanted!
And they were 100% sure that we are having... Identical boys and a little Princess!!! We are so excited! It's a great combination. Now we just need to pick out 6 names!


  1. congratulations! that is just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay. Soooo exciting and so perfect! !!

  3. I think we're in trouble though if you're already calling her your princess!

  4. Amazing images of the most beautiful babies in the world! They are already starting to look a little crowded in there. It is so cute the way the are snuggled together.

  5. Adam 3 first names plus 3 middle names = 6 names. How are those math classes going?? Dad wants to know.

  6. The identical twins appear to be in full boxing stance with their fists covering their faces quite nicely!

  7. Heather, they're beautiful! Congratulations! Shmuely said he can't wait to meet his new cousins!!!