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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Stamp Painting


So I'm always looking for an easy art project to do with Dylan, Jake and Emma to keep them happy and keep my sanity during long days at home when we have no plans. We did this activity last year, but it's so easy and cute we had to do it again. You only need 4 materials that I'm sure you have lying around your house already. And you know you need more Valentine’s art to decorate your house with!  It's great for young toddlers and kids of all ages!

Here's what you need:

• empty toilet paper rolls (or half of a paper towel roll)
• white paper
• red and pink washable paint (I used
Crayola washable paint )
• paper plate
• pink or red construction paper (optional)


Set up:
Take your toilet paper roll and fold the bottom part in half creating a crease, then bend the top part down to form a heart shape. This will be your stamp for your little one to use. It's great too because you just toss it out when you are done.  Easy clean up... My favorite!

Next put pink and red paint on a paper plate to create your paint palette to dip the heart stamp in.
Now you are ready for your little one(s) to begin their Valentine's Day heart masterpiece.
I actually created the heart stamps in front of the kids. They were fascinated that I took a circle and changed it into a heart. This got them excited for the activity.
I handed them each a piece of white paper and a stamp and then I handed out the paint last. I showed them how they could use one side of the stamp for the pink paint and one side for the red paint.  As always, I reminded them to keep the paint on their papers and told them to have fun!  And they did!  They each made two pictures.

When their paintings were finished and dried I backed them on pink construction paper and then hung them up in our family room. They look beautiful and add some Valentine's Day décor to our room.

Have fun and Happy Valentine's day!

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