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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I love you to "pieces" stained glass Valentine's Day project




I LOVE Valentine's Day! I love the colors, I love all the love in the air and I love the projects I can now do with the kids. This stained glass heart art project I did with the kids is something I saw done a few different ways on Pinterest, but I decided to put my own spin on it and I am obsessed with how they came out!  I hope you love them and try it at home with your kiddies!

 This activity is great because it's not messy and you can keep it for yourself or make it as a gift to give to grandparents!  There's a little bit of prep work involved to create this beautiful piece of art, but it's easy and worth it. Here are the materials you need:
• construction paper (red or pink)
• tissue paper ( pinks, red and white)
• clear contact paper (12in x 36ft size roll worked perfectly for this project)
• small paper bowl
• scissors (adult use)
• permanent marker

Make sure it is clear.  I got mine at Walmart.

 So to start you want to fold your piece of construction paper in half and cut a half of heart out so that when you open it you will have a heart in the center. Make sure to leave just enough room at the top and bottom to write words on your picture. (Save your cut out heart for another project!)


Once your construction paper is ready. Cut your tissue paper into approx 1/2" squares and place them into a small bowl for your little one to use for the project.

 Now you're almost ready to begin. Take your roll of contact paper and measure it so that it fits across the whole piece of construction paper and covers it completely. You will need to cut two pieces of the same size because you will use the second piece at the end to finish the project.  Take the backing off one piece of the contact paper and press the construction paper directly onto it. (I like to lay the contact paper on the table, sticky side up, and put the paper directly on top.)

Heart is ready to be covered with pieces!
Now the heart should be sticky and ready for your little one to cover it with the tissue paper pieces. The kids LOVED this project!  They were having fun and concentrating very hard all at the same time.

When it's filled with pieces, use the other piece of contact paper to cover the back of the art and "seal" the pieces in. This not only gives the art a nice laminated look that you will be able to keep forever, but you have also created a stained glass window!  
Trim the edges if needed to give it a "finished" look

Now to make it extra cute for Valentine's Day I wrote the phrase "I love you to pieces!" in sharpie on top of the contact paper. Make sure to write it on the front/pretty side of the paper.  (*Note: You can write on the construction paper before you put the contact paper on. Words go on the side the contact paper goes on first.)

Your project is now finished!  Find a window to display your beautiful I love you to "pieces" stained glass artwork and enjoy or make it as a card and give it to a loved one!
                                      ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️

I love how it looks in our window! 

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