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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marshmallow Ghosts

I have been having so much fun talking about Halloween with the kids and they are so excited to go trick or treating this week!  We have been doing different activities for Halloween and I came across this activity when another triplet mom friend posted a picture of her kiddies doing it. It was too cute not to do with Dylan, Jake and Emma and I figured I would share it with everyone. It's really easy and a lot of fun. It's great for their fine motor skills too!  If you don't have marshmallows on hand you can substitute them with small cotton balls.
Here's what you need for this easy craft:

- black paper
- white crayon

- glue
- plate
- mini marshmallows

To begin draw an outline of a ghost onto the black paper. I'm not a great artist, but the kids don't know the difference!

Next, you need to glue along the lines. Depending on how well your child can glue and trace a line at the same time, you can have him/her do this step or you can assist them. This is a great skill for them to work on. I helped Dylan and Jake and Emma was able to do it by herself.
Emma gluing all by herself!
Dylan got the hang of it too!
After the glue is on the paper hand them a plate of marshmallows. Remind them that these are not the kind to eat. I usually give them a few at the end once the project is finished as a reward and this gives them something to look forward to. That way they are more inclined to finish their project than want to eat them.  I encouraged them to put the marshmallows right next to each other by telling them that the marshmallows are best friends and they always stay together.

Dylan was so proud of his work!
They did a great job and stayed focused the whole time!  They had fun and it kept them busy with minimal help from me. It was a relatively quick and easy project and it turned out super cute. Another great project to help you decorate your home for Halloween. Have fun and Happy Halloween!!!

Our Completed Marshmallow Ghosts

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