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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Candy Corn Mosaic Collage

I love fall, I love Halloween and I love doing crafts with the kids!  This was a great art project for us to do to get in the Halloween spirit.  They are at a great age right now where they can focus on these art projects for a really long time which is great for them and for me!  We did this adorable candy corn mosaic collage the other morning and not only did it turn out super cute, they learned so much in the process. We worked on shapes, colors, position words, gluing, fine motor skills, etc and it's not messy and really easy.
Here's what you need:
- construction paper: black, white, yellow and orange
- white, orange, yellow crayon
- glue stick
- scissors
That's it!  I'm sure if you have kids you already have these laying around your house!
For this project I did the whole set up with them and we did each step together.
To start I showed them a picture of a candy corn. (If we weren't doing this in the morning and if I had some candy corn handy I  would have just let them see the real thing and taste it, but this was an impromptu project so we made do with the picture.)  Next, I helped them draw a large triangle on the black paper using the white crayon. If yours are older or can draw a large triangle independently let them do it themselves or have them trace over one you have done in pencil. After we made the triangle we added the lines to divide the triangle into 3 spaces for the different colors. We then talked about the 3 different colors and which color was at the bottom, top, and in the middle. Then I wrote each color in the section using that color crayon.

Now it was time to cut our paper. We are getting great at our cutting skills, but for today I did the cutting. Feel free to let your little one do the cutting them self, supervised of course, if they are able!  Once we cut our paper into squares we were ready to glue!

We glued one section at a time. We talked about staying in the lines and filling in the box.  Once the box was covered with glue I would give them the color squares for that section.  Once they finished that section they would repeat for the next two sections.


It was so interesting to see how they each had their own style and how the boys were so similar and Emma's was very different.  No matter how they decided to glue their pieces on, they all turned out wonderfully!

This was a great activity for my 3 year olds, but could easily be adapted for kids older and younger. Perfect to do in the weeks leading up to Halloween so that you can add to your Halloween decor!  Have fun!

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