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Friday, April 30, 2010

22 weeks

22 weeks and growing!
Our little princess

Well time is flying by even though I'm on bed rest. After a mellow few weeks, I was back in the hospital again last week. I was admitted Thursday night for contractions and was able to come back home on Monday once they got everything under control. Needless to say I am happy to be home.

Yesterday we went in for our ultrasound and things look good. The stitch is holding my cervix in place so that is good. The babies are doing well. Baby B is still small, but he continues to grow. Baby A is 1 lb 1 oz, Baby B is 11 oz, and Baby C (our girl) is 1 lb 2 oz. They are moving and kicking a lot these days.

I have adjusted to bedrest. While I was in the hospital Scott was so sweet and hunted down an iPad for me. That has been keeping me entertained. During the days when Scott is at work my Mom comes over and helps me out. We have been watching all the seasons of 24 from the beginning. We are currently half way through season 2.

I look forward to posting again after our next doctor appointment.

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